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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem


A week or two on a dusty trail
Can leave a cowpoke rather stale
Without a shower or a tub
Folks downwind can give the snub

But bush-wise wranglers never fret
About how hummy they might get
If no facilities arise
They just simply improvise

They’ll find two poplars for a stall
If Mother Nature makes her call
And with broad leaves or mossy wipe
There’ll be no tissue left in sight

And if a bath is in the plan
They’ll take their tough rag, soap and pan
They’ll wash their head, their neck and back
Far down as possible, they’ll sack

They’ll wash their ankles and their feet
Far up as possible they’ll seek
And when they’re done with all parts washable
If no one’s look’n, they’ll wash possible

BJ Smith

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