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Cowboy Poet Bj Smith's Up-dated Cowboy Poem

Park'n the RV

Was in this RV campground, not all that long ago
The sight I saw was better then any TV show
You see this 5th wheel trailer, pulled by a diesel dodge
Rumbled through the front gate to find a place to lodge

Then down the lane they idled, the Misses by his side
West coast mirrors all focused, his trailer eight feet wide
Years of drivin' tractor, was etched upon his face
But he looked some uneasy, the ranch was more his pace

For he was plenty handy, back'n up a Massy
To where the draw bar lined up a cultivator chassy
And he could run a combine, ridin' up there high
Pick'n swaths up centered while unloading on the fly

But park'n this here RV, with strangers by to watch
Made back'n up a nightmare he didn't want to botch
The Misses ever helpful, out of the truck she got
And without hesitation marched straight to his blind spot

Then making tiny jesters, as if it were in brail
She motioned him to back up, with her he couldn't fail
Except for she had vanished completely from his sight
He uttered a frustration that put her on the fight

So then he praised her efforts to soften up the tension
While mumbling some words out loud he didn't mention
A neighbour interrupted, some stranger to them yet
Who waved his arms resembling the guy who parks a jet

But since they faced each other, as he looked in the mirror
Left and right were backwards and made it tough to steer
'Bout then the Misses motions commenced to come in view
Signals not in one mirror now but visible in two

And now enthusiasm, was dancing on her face
Her hand waved like a metronome, her version of erase
But since he figured waving was proof that she approved
He didn't spot the gusher from the hydrant he removed

Along about the forth try, he gave a hardy yelp
That cleared the space behind him of uninvited help
Then driving off indignant, like ranchers sometimes do
He headed for the designated sites marked just pull through.

Bj Smith

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